What food do you like the most?

Which is your favourite color?

What do you like the most?

Discover what's your animal!
Your animal is a turtle!

Turtles are kind and curious, they can live up to 100 years, much more than humans! Their species varies depending on where they live, you can find them on the earth, in the ocean even freshwater.
Your animal is a Shark!

Sharks are fascinating animals, they are strong and powerful. Sharks are fish, therefore, they have gills that allow them to breathe underwater.
Your animal is a Dolphin!

They are fast and very intelligent! They are mammals, and they need to get out of the water to breathe. They are able to orient themselves very well.
Your animal is an Octopus!

It's a unique animal! Nocturnal, they have tree hearts and eight feet! They are curious and play very well to hide.
Your animal is a Seahorse!

They are small but very appreciated. Believe it or not, it's a fish, and it lays eggs. They live near the corals. They have the ability to change color to blend in with the environment.
Your animal is a Jellyfish!

They travel a lot and they move huge groups. They are formed by more than 95% of water. They move by catching water with the tentacles and expelling it.
Your animal is a Yellow Fish!

It is a very small and nice fish. It lives in lagoons and along reefs.